Mauser C96 Broomhandle

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The Mauser C96 is nicknamed "broomhandle" because of the obvious resemblance of the grip to the handle of a broom. They are nice collector pieces and their value ranges widely based off condition, market, and variation.

The gun itself was first designed in 1894-1895 and is for all comparative purposes very strange. Not only does it look like someone cut, drilled, and mounted a broom handle as a grip, but it also comes with a wooden stock that can be attached to the rear of the gun in order to give it the stability of a rifle. Strange indeed.

So who designed this thing? Well 3 brothers..Fidel, Friedrich, and Josef Feederke and perhaps they just couldn't make up their mind. Regardless of the method what they produced is an iconic gun that has been sought after for over a century. (gun stopped production in 1965)

Mauser the German company responsible for this oddity had produced over 1,000,000 of these guns before they quit. Other companies picked up where they left off.

But for all it's somewhat eccentric values this gun is again very popular with collectors. It truly is a unique piece to add to any collection.

We tried to do an estimation on the prices based of what a few shops were selling them for and also what they were going for online. This value swung widely. If you have any input of the prices please just suggest a change.

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Low Price : $500High Price : $5000

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