270 Win Ballistics Chart & Coefficient

Article Posted: August 28, 2012

30-06 Springfield

The following ins a 500 yd 270 Win ballistic trajectory and drop chart that follows a 130gr Winchester Silvertip with a ballistic coeddicient of .337 from the time it exits the muzzle until it hits the 500 yard mark. All data created using our free ballistic calculator. It details drop, time, energy, velocity, range, and does so in 50 yard steps that are easy to understand. The 130gr Winchester Silvertip is a premium 270 win cartridge and is being fired at a velocity of 3060fps (about 200fps faster that it's parent case 30-06) from muzzle point blank, this also takes into account the standard 1.5" scope height, and a gun that has been sighted in at 100 yards. If your .270 Win isn't close to these specs, or if you are a sniper or just someone who is into long range shots you may want to take this a step further and use our ballistic calculator to create a custom 270 ballistic chart to take into account variances like atmospheric conditions and angles.

The .270 win is an great short to long range medium to large game cartridge that can really benifit from a bit of trajectory calculation like we have provided.

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270 Win

A A .270 Winchester, Winchester Silvertip, 130gr

Range Drop
Velocity Energy Time
0 -1.4942 3060 2702 0
50 -0.2353 2916 2454 51
100 0.0004 2777 2226 103
150 -0.8920 2642 2015 159
200 -3.0304 2512 1821 217
250 -6.5480 2385 1642 278
300 -11.5955 2261 1475 343
350 -18.3447 2142 1324 411
400 -26.9914 2025 1183 483
450 -37.7594 1913 1056 559
500 -50.9053 1805 940 640

So what does the charting of the 270 Winchester's external ballistics tell us exactly? It tells me that bullet shoots pretty flat with just a 3.03" drop at 200 yards. Think about that in terms of football fields. 2 football fields are end to end. A deer at one end and you at the other. That bullet will only fall 3" when fired. Better yet at just 100 yards and with a 1.5" sited in at 100 yards the bullet will have dropped .0004 of an inch.

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