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Article Posted: March 27, 2012

Convert FPS to MPH and vice versa using out fps to mph calculator that gives you instant and accurate conversion online anywhere anytime. Bookmark this page Hit CTRL+D and be sure to share with your friends. While this page was created to help gun enthusiast this conversion utility works for any feet per second to mile per hour conversion. (the speed doesn't care what you need it for the formula is still the same)





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FPS to MPH Formula

Feet Per Second from Mile Per Hour

The formula is simple really. If you want the MPH and have the FPS just multiply the fps x .68181818181. So if you have a fps reading of 1000 the use 1000 x .68181818181 to get 681.81818181 or rounded to the second decimal point 681.82.

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MPH to FPS Formula

Mile Per Hour from Feet Per Second

The formula is simple really again, and is just the opposite of the above. If you want the FPS and have the MPH just divide the mph by .68181818181. So if you have a mph reading of 681.82 then use 681.82 / .68181818181 to get 1000.002666678667 rounded to the second this would be 1000 feet per second.

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FPS to MPH Chart

The following is a chart that list conversions of feet per second to miles per hour in a charted table format starting at 500fps and going to 10,000fps.

500 fps340.91 mph
1000 fps681.82 mph
1500 fps1022.73 mph
2000 fps1363.64 mph
2500 fps1704.55 mph
3000 fps2045.45 mph
3500 fps2386.36 mph
4000 fps2727.27 mph
4500 fps3068.18 mph
5000 fps3409.09 mph
5500 fps3750 mph
6000 fps4090.91 mph
6500 fps4431.82 mph
7000 fps4772.73 mph
7500 fps5113.64 mph
8000 fps5454.55 mph
8500 fps5795.45 mph
9000 fps6136.36 mph
9500 fps6477.27 mph
10000 fps6818.18 mph

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MPH tp FPS Chart

The following is a chart that list conversions of miles per hour to feet per second in a charted table format starting at 500mph and going to 10,000mph.

500 mph733.33 fps
1000 mph1466.67 fps
1500 mph2200 fps
2000 mph2933.33 fps
2500 mph3666.67 fps
3000 mph4400 fps
3500 mph5133.33 fps
4000 mph5866.67 fps
4500 mph6600 fps
5000 mph7333.33 fps
5500 mph8066.67 fps
6000 mph8800 fps
6500 mph9533.33 fps
7000 mph10266.67 fps
7500 mph11000 fps
8000 mph11733.33 fps
8500 mph12466.67 fps
9000 mph13200 fps
9500 mph13933.33 fps
10000 mph14666.67 fps

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