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Article Posted: July 18, 2013

1986 FBI Shootout
Aerial Photo of Crime Scene @ 1986 FBI Shootout

It was on the April 11, 1986 when the streets of Miami turned into the OK Corral. A pair of ex-soldiers turned psychopath decided to rob a bank armed with semi-automatic assault rifles. The result was two dead criminals, two dead FBI, three wounded permanently and three seriously.

Shortly thereafter, Lt. Rutherford of the Jacksonville police department was assigned the task of upgrading their firepower in hopes of preventing another incident like the one in Miami.

The word got out about the retrofitting the police departments, and faster than a frog's tongue there were over a dozen manufacturers presenting their handguns for consideration.

Initially they laughed at the "polymer" handgun, and the rest is history.


Laying both the Glock and SIG on a table and it is immediately apparent that the Glock is plain in comparison to the SIG. Except for the few hard parts, the Glock is made of a polymer, much like polymer rifle stocks. They have proved to be next to indestructible.

The Glock has 38 hard parts, as compared to the SIG, which has over 100. Glocks all look much the same. It is a hammerless design with no apparent safety. It has a built in safety in the form of a small lever at the base of the trigger. It will only fire when depressing both simultaneously.

The gun is always ready to fire without playing with the safety. This allows a much faster reaction time to a perilous situation. It can carry up to 19 rounds in 9mm. The trigger pull is a major plus at 5.5 pounds. It allows you to "touch off a round" without undue muscle flexing to stray the round. It improves your accuracy.

You will find that the Glock is not only extremely light. The smaller 26/27 and even 19's are perfect for concealment and carrying for long periods. In most of the Gen 4 models the grip is adjustable to any size hand. A major plus is it's dependability and availability in a multitude of calibers. They are all available with night sights and many with accessory rails.


The SIG has a lightweight hard-coated anodized frame. The slide is made of stainless steel and finished in Nitron. The grips are made of polymer. This is a very well built handgun. It is available in a multitude of calibers and models as well.

It is much more aesthetically pleasing in design. A gun that is all metal and blued appears much more substantial. The SIG uses a hammer and is a combination of double action first shot followed by single action thereafter. Once the first shot is fired the length of the trigger pull is lessened as it reverts to single action.

A feature unique to the SIG (and many other firearms just not Glocks) is the hammer decocker. Without this feature you need to apply pressure to the top of the hammer and pull it rearward slightly while you pull the trigger. Then you must lower the hammer slowly to rest on the pin.

The breech also cocks upward in the rear to signify that the weapon is out of ammo or there is no round in the chamber. This is good until you hold the gun on someone familiar with SIG and they realize you are out of ammo.

The SIG, being a double action for the first round, has a healthy 10 to 12 pound trigger pull. After the first shot the trigger pull drops to a more manageable 4.5 to 5 pounds. In either case, the trigger pull is lengthy. The chicken will have crossed the road by the time the first shot gets off accurately.

Quick Tip

Remember, practicing doesn't always help your accuracy if you are making mistakes, it just reinforces mistakes. It's difficult to learn how to play a piano without a basic knowledge of the art.

Ask a Marine, if one is available. They are some of the best trained in the art of firing handguns. Learn to make the first shot count.

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