How to Really Shoot A Pistol

Article Posted: January 9, 2015

If you want to learn how to shoot a pistol or revolver, and shoot right then you should learn from the best right? Well there is no better than Jerry Miculek. This is not some hair brained opinion, it has been proven time and time again. Watch this video below.

Jerry Miculek holds over 100+ shooting records (most with pistols or revolvers), and is widely recognized as the best there has ever been. This man is a living legend and nothing short of it. Jerry somehow does all this and still manages to be entertaining and charismatic.

In this 25 minute video Jerry goes over stances. Most of us older guys have been shooting in what is called a weaver stance for all our lives.

It throws your body off balance and increases blind spots. The weaver method also creates irregularities in your x-axis rotation as you can see from the example below. If you rotate with just your hips your body turns both to the side and upward or to the side and downward depending upon the direction being turned and which leg you have chosen to lead with. All this being said, I personally still shoot this way because I'm to stubborn to change my ways. We do however concede that the isosceles stance is the best.

Just like martial arts and sports your stance dictates near everything. It is your core / ground / foundation on which everything else rides. Jerry rightfully speaks about keeping your face flat and your head straight. This improves your field of view and allows you to "point and click" more naturally. The less stress you can put on your self in a stressful situation (competition or self-defense) the better you will preform. We can't all be like Jerry, but we can put our self in a position that allows us to max out our own capabilities.

Grip and Grip Angle

Mr Miculek also speaks about the different grip angles found in a few different guns. He does of course prefer the Smith and Messon M&P series grip angles, and this is to be expected as they are his primary sponsor. You yourself need to find what works for you, find a gun that feels both natural and allows you to maximize recoil mitigation.

Wrist Locking

Weaver Stance
Weaver Stance (not preferred)
Isosceles Stance

When combined with proper grip, wrist locking allows you to mitigate / lessen muzzle climb resulting in faster and more accurate follow up shots. When you lock your wrist the directional recoil energy moves further into your body where it can more easily be absorbed by your torso and then your legs, and then the ground.

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Isosceles Stance - The Isosceles Stance is a two-handed technique in which the dominant hand holds the pistol or revolver while the support hand wraps around the dominant hand. The both arms are held straight, locking the elbows. Viewed from above, the arms and chest of the shooter describe an isosceles triangle, which gives the stance its name. (source)

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Muzzle Climb - The interchangeable terms muzzle rise, muzzle flip and muzzle climb refer to the tendency of firearms or pneumatic arms front end (muzzle end of the barrel) to rise up after firing.(source)

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Weaver Stance - The Weaver stance is a shooting technique for handguns. It was developed by Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Jack Weaver during freestyle pistol competition in Southern California during the late 1950s. (source)

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