10 Simple Home Security Tips

Article Posted: July 24, 2013

Home Security
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Cost Efficiency Considerations

The biggest obstacle a person faces when considering home security options is cost. While we'd all appreciate having the luxury of building a fortress to protect our families and property, most of us don't. Still, there are other solutions that are considerably less costly than replacing property lost to theft.

Ten Home Security Solutions

A Dog - It may sound cliche, but getting a dog is arguably the safest and most effective home security measure you can take. In Latin America, the people have a saying, "tiene miedo, compra un perro." The idiom roughly translates as "if you're scared, buy a dog." Dogs are mobile and vocal. They can cover your entire property and alert you if something's awry.

Metal Doors and Dead Bolts - By replacing wooden or composite doors with metal doors with dead bolts, you make the job of an intruder much more difficult. Generally, the objective of a home invasion is to get in and out quickly and quietly. Intruders are detoured by the notion of having to make loud noises trying to break down a solid door.

Motion Detectors and Alarms - Motion detectors that set off an alarm when triggered are another means of removing an intruder's anonymity. A person is much less likely to continue pursuing the original objective -- steal from or do harm -- if their actions have drawn the attention of others.

Flood Lights - Most home invasions occur at night; the reason being, darkness provides cover. If your home and property are illuminated at night, it's much more difficult for a home invader to cross your property or enter your home without being seen. Flood lights can also be activated with a motion detector.

A Safe - While a safe isn't a home security measure by definition, it is a means of securing your valuables in circumstances when an invader is already in your house. Unlike the impression we're given by Hollywood, most safe's a difficult to pick and few people have the ability to do so.

Vegetation Removal - Trees, bushes and shrubs and vines all give home intruders a means of hiding from sight. By removing vegetation that is close to your house, you create a buffer between potential hiding places and your home. This buffer gives people on the outside -- including you when you're investigating a strange noise -- a line of sight so you can see someone as they attempt to come in through your back door or window.

Security Cameras - Security cameras are valuable for several reasons. For one, you aren't forced to investigate a situation by going outside. You can simply look at the monitor. Additionally, you can give the footage to the police if your home is invaded and it was recorded.

Security Fence - A security fence is another obstacle that both prevents home invasion and detours attempts. Depending on the type of security fence you use, a fence has to potential to stop all but the most determined home invaders.

A Shotgun - A shotgun is the best firearm to use for home security. A shotgun increases your odds of hitting a target dramatically. Also, if you miss, the bb. blast is less likely to go through a wall an injure an innocent than if you're firing bullets. If you don't have a great deal of experience with firearms, a shotgun will give you the most confidence.

Signs - Signs are an excellent deterrent. A sign warning that the premises are patrolled by a guard dog or that your property is monitored by camera or that you have an alarm system or that you are a homeowner with a gun all make potential home intruders think twice about you as a prospective victim.

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