380 Pistol Looks Like A Cell Phone

Article Posted: March 31, 2016

Pistol Looks Like Cell Phone

Technology has brought about the merging of a daily tool that one cannot live without, and a weapon that is used for personal protection. Minnesota based Ideal Conceal, through the creative genius of Kirk Kjellberg, have developed a pistol that is able to fold and resemble a smartphone. This is in response to the growing need that people have for carrying concealed weapons to keep themselves safe.

While there have been developments in jackets and bags to help carry concealed weapons, nothing comes close to this latest offering. By folding into itself and taking the form of a smartphone, it is possible to carry this weapon around without it being detected since it takes on an unexpected form. It is approximately the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The gun itself is a double barreled .380 caliber pistol made from plastic, though it does have a metal core. It is exceptionally light in weight, and the entire frame is one piece only. When it is folded up to look like a phone, it is in a safe position. To be able to take a shot, you will need to remove the safety with a single click which will open it up, leaving you ready to fire.

Although this product is revolutionary and will help thousands feel safer owning and carrying a weapon, there are those that believe it will be a threat to security, especially in public places such as airports. The creator explains that its internal elements are the same as any other gun, and these will be picked up while being scanned through a metal detector.

This gun will be available for $395 starting from the beginning of October 2016. To date, there are more than 4000 people globally who have shown their interest in purchasing this revolutionary gun.

Let's just make that number 4001 after writing this article.


Visit website: IdealConceal

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