.243 Ballistics Chart & Coefficient

Article Posted: July 18, 2012

Winchester Silvertip 95gr

The following is a ballistic chart/table that details drop, velocity, energy, and time for a common .243 round the Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, 95gr. This bullet has an initial velocity of 3100 fps, and is pushing 2027 lbs of force. This chart does not account for atmospheric conditions, so if you want to take in to effect these things check out the calculators official page. The Ballistic Coefficient for the .243 Winchester 95gr is 0.40 (in this example).

This bullet really performs well up to 200, 250, and even 300 yards having a drop of just 2.7" (2 and 1 half inches) at the 200 yard mark.

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A A .243 Winchester, Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, 95gr

Range Drop
Velocity Energy Time
0 -1.4943 3100 2027 0
50 -0.2542 2977 1869 50
100 0.0047 2858 1723 101
150 -0.8010 2742 1586 155
200 -2.7632 2630 1459 211
250 -5.9833 2520 1339 269
300 -10.5736 2412 1227 330
350 -16.6588 2307 1122 393
400 -24.3780 2205 1025 460
450 -33.8865 2105 935 529
500 -45.3577 2008 850 602

.243 round the Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, 95gr external ballistics tell us exactly? It says that at around the halfway point of 250 yards the bullet will have slowed 580fps to a velocity of 2520fps, lost 688 ft pounds of energy (now pushing just 1339 lbs), and dropped due to gravitational forces just 5.9833 inches, and all of this in just a fraction of a second (.269 of a second). All in all this is a great round for deer and medium sized game up to around 200-300 yards. Just make sure to know your drop if shooting over 2. Thanks everyone. Please bookmark and come back.

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