17 HMR Ballistics Chart & Drop Table

Article Posted: July 11, 2012

17 HMR Ballistics

The .17 HRM or Hornady Magnum Rimfire is a tiny varmint round that is so small that it is said to explode on contact sparing the surrounding livestock. This makes it a great farm rifle, and an even better fun rifle. This mini bullet is lightweight and because of this is easily effected by the external forces of nature.

The drop of this bullet is such at 1000 yards that we decided to just do a 500 yard ballistic spec chart.

For this we used the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR), Hornady XTP, 20gr a common .17 hmr round. This bullet at 250 yds (half the mapped journey) has dropped 21.8749in (1.8 feet) the velocity has slowed some 1236fps as it went from 2374fps to to 1138.

At the end of the journey the 500 yard mark the bullet has dropped 210.9172 in (17ft), has a velocity of 800fps, all this in 1.27 seconds.

Want to run the test for your self and add features like wind and angle? Try our free online Ballistic Calculator

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A A .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR), Hornady XTP, 20gr

Range Drop
Velocity Energy Time
0 -1.4912 2374 250 0
50 0.2896 2062 189 68
100 0.0097 1776 140 147
150 -3.0493 1521 103 238
200 -9.8953 1304 76 345
250 -21.8749 1138 58 468
300 -40.5536 1028 47 607
350 -67.4461 952 40 759
400 -103.9289 893 35 922
450 -151.3142 843 32 1095
500 -210.9172 800 28 1278

.17 HMR or .223 for Long Range

As you can see from the chart below the .17 hrm really takes a nose dive at about the 250 yard marker, as compared to the .223 a larger round (also a varmint round). So we would suggest using something other than a .17hmr if shooting out past 250 yards. The bullet is just to small for ultra long range shots, but performs awesome under 250 yards or so. Both of these bullets are v-max hornady by the way.

17 HMR vs .223 Remington

But hey don't just trust us see for yourself. You can compare any 2 bullets made by using our simple and free online Ballistic Calculator

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