How To Build A Mud Hut

Article Posted: March 27th, 2017How To Build A Hut

When it comes to primitive technology very few do it better than YouTube's Primitive Technology channel. In this amazing video he shows you how to build a simple mud hut with a roof and a chimney. The hut is made by weaving wooden strips called wattle and then covering them in mud or clay. This type of building can be traced back at least 7,000 years, and is still in use all over the world. This is a great way to build yourself a simple hut/cabin that will not damage the surrounding ecosystem.

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Top 3 Survival Guns

Article Posted: April 3rd, 2016Top 3 Survival Guns

When it comes to the survival of our species there is nothing more important than having a good gun on your side. Here FPS Russia details his top 3 choices for survival guns.

FPS Russia is an internet personality, YouTube star. If you are browsing this website we are pretty sure you know who this guy is.

Check out the video and if you like be sure to subscribe to his channel.

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Pistol Looks Like Cell Phone

Article Posted: March 31th, 2016Pistol Looks Like Cell Phone

Technology has brought about the merging of a daily tool that one cannot live without, and a weapon that is used for personal protection. Minnesota based Ideal Conceal, through the creative genius of Kirk Kjellberg, have developed a pistol that is able to fold and resemble a smartphone. This is in response to the growing need that people have for carrying concealed weapons to keep themselves safe.

While there have been developments in jackets and bags to help carry concealed weapons, nothing comes close to this latest offering. By folding into itself and taking the form of a smartphone, it is possible to carry this weapon around without it being detected since it takes on an unexpected form. It is approximately the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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45 ACP vs 9mm Luger

Article Posted: March 17th, 201645 acp 9mm compare

So which is the better cartridge the 45 ACP with its hard hitting slow moving projectile or the low recoil high capacity 9mm? Let's take a look at all the data and see.

This article has been a long time coming, and before we even start we want to let you know up front there is no real cut and dry answer as to which is the better cartridge. This page will however allow you to make a very informed decision, as well as give you the ability to join the ever popular 45 vs 9 debate with those knuckleheads over at your local gunshop. :)

We also know this is a touchy subject, people do love their cartridges. We are going to do what we always do here at GunData and look at all the information and compare the 2 cartridges in a very accurate and easy to understand manner.

Like they always say...if you can't explain something simple you don't truly understand it.

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Best 9mm Carbines

Article Posted: March 14th, 2016Best (9mm Carbines)

Need a self defense weapon for the home, car, camping, or survival? Then the 9mm carbine may be your best bet. This is a list of what we consider to be some of the best 9mm carbines on the market at the time of this writing. Best is defined as semi affordable, reliable, compact, lightweight, suitable capacity, and easy to shoot.

There are dozens of reasons to pick the 9mm as your favorite pistol caliber carbine cartridge. The 9mm cartridge is versatile, compact, lightweight, cheap, and tested. Modern 9mm and 9mm + p rounds are not what they used to be. The modern 9 + p is often compared to the 40 and 45 rounds of yesterday. Fire that same 9mm cartridge from a longer barrel and you get and even bigger performance bump in the form of increased velocity and energy.

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Mall Ninja Xtreme Zombie Carbine!

Article Posted: March 10th, 2016
 Xtreme Zombie Carbine

When the zombies come, and let's be honest folks...we all know they are coming some day, this is the rifle you need to have on hand to deal with them. Don't settle for anything less, your life could depend upon it.

This video is something funny put together by the guys over at Moss Gun and Pawn in Georgia. The guys are also known as Iraqveteran8888 over at YouTube, and while the older gentlemen Barry passed, they still have a solid channel if you care to visit.

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