9mm vs 40 S&W Summary + Ballistics

Article Posted: July 18, 2013
9mm vs 40 S&W

The 9mm and the 40 S&W are two of the most popular pistol cartridges carried by both law enforcement and general public alike. Most people know the primary difference is carrying capacity and hitting power, but let\'s take a closer look at the numbers as well as a few other deciding factors.

9mm History

The 9mm Luger also known as the 9mm Parabellum and even the 9x19mm NATO is the most popular and widely carried pistol cartridge in the world as of the time of this writing. As denoted by the sometimes used 9x19mm NATO term it is the primary pistol cartridge carried by NATO forces and has replaced the commonly used 45 acp most likely because of the advances in powder technologies combined with the improved carrying capacity.

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Red Oak, White, or Chestnut for Deer Herd?

Article Posted: August 26, 2014
White Oak Acorns
White Oak Acorns In Various Stages of Growth & Decay

If you are a deer hunter with internet access you\'ve likely spent dozens or even hundreds of hours researching mast crops for deer online. At some point in time you\'ve skipped passed corn, soybean, brasica, and focused on planting a long term solution. A solution that will outlast even perennials like ryegrass and some clovers. A food source able to provide food even when you don\'t feel like shelling out the $10+ for a bag of corn. There really is only one solution...trees.

A good tree like a White or Red Oak and even a chestnut hybrid will provide food for your deer herd for decades and possibly even centuries. Granted there are other tree options like apples, persimmons, and even pears, but today we will be focusing acorns and chestnuts.

What this article is: This article is meant to display all the common knowledge in regards to oaks,and chestnuts. We will also provide some common sense tips that may save you time and money.

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Bullets for Barter Post Collapse

Article Posted: August 26, 2014

The Yankee Marshal is a YouTuber with upwards of 90,000 subscribers, and he is very entertaining. We wanted to share this video with you. People are always arguing about what to stock up on for a hypothetical SHTF scenario.

The Yankee Marshal on Bullets and Bartering

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Good Guys!

Article Posted: June 4, 2014
Good Guys

We're members of the military. We're cops. We're firefighters. We're teachers, parents and you name it.

We're hard-working, law-abiding Americans. It's our way of life, our beliefs, and our faith in freedom that built this country. And it's us who will put America back on top.

Join NRA Today!

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Funny Pro Gun Sayings

Article Posted: May 22, 2014
Funny Pro Gun Slogans

We've all heard or read some pretty funny and memorable pro-gun phrases, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of the best ones we could find. Any of these would make a great bumper sticker or t-shirt. Please comment at the bottom of the article and leave your own. If it's funny we'll add it to the list!

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Top Funny Pro Gun Slogans/Sayings

  • Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until you want to destroy something.
  • Gun control means using both hands.
  • If guns cause crime then all of mine are defective.

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5 Strange Handguns You Don't Need

Article Posted: December 5, 2013
Strange Revolver

There have been some really impractical and outlandish guns created over the years, we thought it would be fun to make a list of 5 Stupid Handguns you don't need, seeing as we are always buying things we don't really need anyway. If you wan't to own one as a novelty it makes sense I guess, but for any practical purpose...nope these guns are nuts. Enjoy!

Apache Revolver / Knuckleduster

If the a swiss army knife and a revolver had a baby it still wouldn't be this ugly and outlandish. The designer of the Apache Revolver just couldn't decide. Did he want a knife? Did he mean to create brass knuckles? Was he trying to make a gun? Was he high on crack? maybe ..maybe.

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