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Title: Para USA Warthog .45


  • Type: Pistols
  • Make: Para
  • Model: USA Warthog
  • Production:
  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Capacity: 10
  • Barrel Length: 3in
  • Total Length: 6.5in
  • Designed By:
  • Make Year: 2011

Low Price: $850High Price: $1100



The PARA Warthog and it's brother the Warthog Stainless Steel 45 are highly effective, compact, and very aggressive looking handguns. The Warthogs hammer is "Spurred", making it look even more devastating.

If i were to buy one i would have to go with the Stainless Steel, im just tired of seeing all simple black pistols everyone is carrying around. In that sense the stainless steel stands out.

That being said this gun is fairly expensive at nearly 2x the price of some of the more heavily marketed 45's

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