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Title: Colt Match Target CR6720


  • Type: Rifles
  • Make: Colt
  • Model: Match Target CR6720
  • Production:
  • Caliber: 5.56x45 NATO
  • Capacity: 9 + 1
  • Barrel Length: 20
  • Total Length: 39
  • Designed By:
  • Make Year: 0

Low Price: $1257High Price: $1374



While the Colt name is virtually synonymous with handguns, Sam Colts initial revolvers off the assembly line were longarms. That's right. The first production model of any Colt was the No.1 Ring Lever Rifle. The carbine breech (attachable shoulder stocks for handguns) and Americas first slide action rifle were also part of Colts on and off ventures into longarms. Then in 1963 the AR-15 and M16 .223 automatic rifles made Colts the small arms sensation of modern warfare in . Their unmatched accuracy, performance and durability are available in their direct descendent, the Colt semi automatic only, sporting rifles. They're ideal for hunting, plinking and competition shooting.

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