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  • Type: Pistols Make: Ruger Model: P95 13016 Caliber: 9mm Designed By: Sturm Ruger Co. INC Make Year: 1998

    The Ruger P95 is a 9mm Luger with a stainless steel (KP95PR Model 13016) slide finish, a fixed 3 dot scope, and a nice polymer grip that will help you keep you on target. As far a...(more)

  • Type: Rifles Make: Marlin Model: XL7 Caliber: 270 win 30-06 25-06 Rem 30-06 springfield Make Year: 2009

    The Marlin XL7 is Marlins affordable, dependable, and accurate medium to large game hunting rifle that stacks up a bit higher than it's entry level competitors. The Marlin XL7 has ...(more)

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