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  • Type: Pistols Make: Walther Model: PPQ Caliber: 9mm and 40 Designed By: Carl Walther Make Year: 2011

    The Walther PPQ sometimes pronounced Walter is a German made police pistol that was released in 2011. This gun was made to replace the Walther P99 and comes in both a 9mm and a .40...(more)

  • Type: Pistols Make: Carl Walther Model: PPQ M2 4" Production: Ulm, Germany Caliber: 9mm Designed By: Carl Walther Make Year: 2014

    The Walther PPQ M2 4" Model with its quick-defense trigger and famous ergonomics is everything a self-defense pistol should be. The smooth defense trigger has a light 5.6 lb trigge...(more)

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