Gun Revision Number 2 Updated on: March 12, 2012

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Title: Remington 700 Alaskan Ti


  • Type: Rifles
  • Make: Remington
  • Model: 700 Alaskan Ti
  • Production:
  • Caliber: 7mm-08 Remington, 25-06 Remington , 270 Win,280 Re
  • Capacity: 4
  • Barrel Length: 24
  • Total Length: 43 5/8
  • Designed By:
  • Make Year: 0

Low Price: $1800High Price: $2000



The Alaskan Ti Remington Model 700™ is a big bore chambered gun built to serve those wild Alaskans and their big game. This gun is available in 7mm-08 Remington, 25-06 Remington , 270 Win,280 Remington ,30-06 Springfield ,7mm Remington Mag ,300 Win Mag ,270 WSM,300 WSM. These guns are fairly expensive however at around $1800 - $2000 a pop where you can find them.

The high country demands higher than normal standards and that is what the Remington Model 700 Alaskan TI brings to the table. It has a 24" magnum contour barrel with varmint style fluting, spiral stock with new black and gray webbing, new X-Mark pro trigger, as well as front and rear swivel studs.

It seems that nearly every Alaskan has a rifle hanging in the back of his or her pickup truck, maybe they'll start carrying these.

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