Total Guns Found: 3
  • Type: Pistols Make: Smith & Wesson Model: 642LS Caliber: 38 Special

    Because women should have the power to defend themselves, Smith & Wesson designers developed the LadySmith line of small frame revolvers. Built on the popular J-Frame small revolve...(more)

  • Type: Pistols Make: Smith & Wesson Model: 642 Caliber: 38 Special

    They only carry five rounds of .38 Spl +P ammunition and, at 15 ounces, they weigh about the same as some autoloaders that hold more rounds. At first blush, it might seem that Smit...(more)

  • Type: Pistols Make: Smith & Wesson Model: 642 CT Caliber: 38 Special

    The Model 642 CT is a little snub nose 38 Special (+P) that holds 5 rounds. This particular version comes with crimson trace lasergrips. If you go an buy the Crimson Trace lasergri...(more)

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